2020 State-wide Amendment Recommendations


Vote Your Best interests on these Amendments:
# 1 – vote Yes – Hard to believe that this was not always the case, did they screw up somewhere and need to fix it?
#2 – vote YES Why not give workers in our state a better wage? It helps the tax base and raises the living standards for working people rather than taking our tax dollars to fund the sources that the underpaid need such as food stamps, health care, etc. It totally makes sense. About time we worked towards this. Workers can spend and shop instead of struggling to make basic ends meet.
#3 vote NO – This is another voter trickery that seems to be really fair. What it ends up being is less choice and less of a chance for better options because it forces us to choose between the “Top Two” vote getters in the primary. It will always be the two with the most money behind them already at primary time and leaves out the rest. Open primaries could be good, but not this way. They also can be abused by opposing voters voting down a better candidate or voting a weaker one in so that they will loose in the general election. Oregon as a state has opted this out TWICE. Just a BAD deal.
#4 – vote NO – Why tell me why do we ALWAYS have to vote twice for something we want? Once and done! This is just a costly additive to make voting more complicated and longer than it needs to be.
#5 – vote whatever – Adds a year before you can claim a homestead on your new home.
#6 – vote Yes – Why not help disabled vets surviving spouses ?
Full amendment text can be found here