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On the Table with the Green Party

On the Table with the Green Party is a TV show with the Green Party’s platform stance on issues that affect and are important to the 99 % of us. The show began airing in January 2014 and concluded its first season in March 2014. The second season began in January 2015 and ended in March 2015. The show is produced by members of the Hernando County Green Party. The host and producers are Green. The guests may or may not be Green Party members, but they WILL know their topic! The whole point is to give the view of the Green Party platform and then have those guests who are active in the week’s topic. It will give an opportunity and voice to those who do not get heard on corporate media to be heard.

Where to watch

Tampa Bay Community Network (TBCN) on Brighthouse, Verizon and Comcast cable systems in the Tampa area. Shows will also be posted on our YouTube channel after they have aired on TBCN. Shows aired beginning January 2, 2014, and the second season ran From December 2014 until March 2015.  Please like our Facebook page so you don’t miss any updates on the show.

Purchasing DVDs

DVDs of the first season are available for purchase. Episodes are $5 each or $50 for all 12 episodes, plus shipping. Please contact us at for ordering information. DVD sales will be used to fund future seasons of the show.


We are between seasons, but you can watch past episodes at the links listed below.  

Season 2 Episodes: 

Episode 1: Our Lives Intertwined With Animals
Episode 2: First Do No Harm 
Episode 3: Economics Can Sustain Us All

Episode 4: The Reality Science of Climate Change

Episode 5: The Global Plantation 

Episode 6: The Culture of Art

Episode 7: More Voices, More Choices

Episode 8: Freedom of Energy

Episode 9: Endless War

Episode 10: Shop or Grow Local Food

Episode 11: Bad Deals

Episode 12: Platforms Matter

Season 1 Episodes:
Episode 1: Peace

Episode 2: U R What U Eat 
Episode 3: Say No To Nuclear
Episode 4: All Plants Should Be Legal 
Episode 5: War on Youth
Episode 6: Beyond Fracking
Episode 7: The Costs of Overdevelopment
Episode 8: Jobs and Unions and Trade Agreements! Oh My! 
Episode 9: Why We Vote
Episode 10: The True Cost of Dirty Energy
Episode 11: Perception
Episode 12: A Healthy Balance for Women

On the Table with the Green Party