Why we are in the Green Party

Here’s what some Hernando Greens have to say about why they registered Green Party:


Parry Donze says that he registered Green because it only made sense to do that. The other parties do not offer what he wants.

James and Laurel Mason came to us after being for Bernie Sanders and they just got tired of the Democrats.


Ethan Overall liked the Green Party Platform.


Anita Stewart came to us after being a campaign staff member for Dennis Kucunich. She joined the Green Party after seeing what the DNC did to this long time Congressman from Ohio. They did not let him speak out and kept him out of the final debates.  To her, Dennis was the first “Bernie” AKA nor corporate controlled. The Democrat leaders in the DNC made Anita not want to be part of a party like that.


Jennifer Meister joined the Greens because ecology is important to her.


Anthony Williams joined because he really liked what Jill Stein had to say.


Angela Williams, as a mother,  likes what the Green Party says about education.


Richard Thompson has been a Green since early registering in High School because he saw a need for a new party.


Jennifer Sullivan rejected the 2 party system back in 1972, after seeing how Eugene McCarthy got such weak support and then the same thing happened to George McGovern Both were progressive and opposed to the war in Viet Nam. In 1996 she found the Green Party via Ralph Nader’s run and was thrilled with the platform direction. Still is!